Tips for fighting heat in Spain

Fight the heat

20 Aug. 2019
Tips for fighting heat in the summer in Spain

Spain, especially the Costa Blanca, is highly appreciated for its mild weather throughout the year. But in the middle of summer, heat can sometimes be difficult to bear. Investing in real estate on the Costa Blanca will lead you to live sometimes very hot summers. Here are some tips that will allow you to better manage the heat and spend a pleasant and serene summer.

- The first thing to do is keep your house or apartment cool. For this, be sure to leave the shutters closed during the day. In the evening, open the windows to let in the night cool and create pleasant drafts. You can cover windows without shutters with highly effective UV paper.

- Feel free to place a bottle filled with cool water or ice in front of your fan to increase its efficiency and further refresh the air.

- Disconnect electrical appliances you don't use. Also avoid using your oven for cooking so as not to accentuate the heat in your home.

- Replace your halogen bulbs with light-emitting diode lamps. They illuminate perfectly without producing heat.

- Another solution to refresh the atmosphere of your home is to moisten the floor. Some will prefer to place basins containing fresh water. Water evaporates, creating a feeling of freshness, as well as drafts.

- You can also place a moistened sheet in front of a window. Remember to stir it regularly for long lasting efficiency.

- A cooled hot water bottle will be a perfect ally to refresh you. A stay of 20 to 30 minutes in the freezer will make it ready to use.

- Moisten and water your plants. They will give a pleasant freshness, especially if you water them in the evening. Green plants with wide leaves are perfect to refresh an interior and rid it of carbon dioxide.

- One of the main recommendations in case of high heat is to avoid sustained physical activity. Physical activity increases heart rate and body heat. This can be dangerous in the event of a heat wave.

- Avoid going out between 12:00 and 4:00pm as far as possible. It is at this time that the sun is the warmest. Prefer to stroll or laze by your pool or on the beach at the end of the day or in the morning.

- Favor loose clothing made of light and natural materials. The cotton is perfect for letting air circulate and perspiration evaporate naturally. Choose light colors that do not attract the sun.

- Do not go out without wearing a cap or hat. It is important to cover your head in order to avoid a hot blow. Sunglasses will perfect your look and protect your eyes from the sun's aggressions.

- Drink plenty of water to stay perfectly hydrated. Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink. The recommended amount is between 1.5 liters and 2 liters of water per day.

- Refresh yourself regularly. Do not hesitate to shower several times a day or at least moisten yourself with a mist or washcloth. - Eat fresh foods such as raw vegetables and sun-sipped fruits. Avoid heavy food.

- Choose shaded or air-conditioned places if you want to walk during the day. It's also the perfect opportunity for shopping in a shopping mall or watching a movie in the cinema. These are ideal ways of joining the useful to the pleasant.

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