Notice of strike filed by Ryanair pilots

Notice of Strike at Ryanair

12 Aug. 2019
Notice of strike filed by the pilots of the low cost Ryanair company. The movement could extend to the whole of Europe.

A strike call was voted on Friday 9 August 2019 by an impressive majority of Irish pilots on the low cost airline Ryanair. This is expected to begin within the next few days in the absence of favourable responses from the company's management to their claims.

A unanimous vote

The vote in favour of the strike was validated by 94% of the company's pilots who are members of the Irish union Forsa/IALPA.

Their demands relate to:

- maternity benefits which they do not consider favourable

- wages which they find insufficient

- a pension scheme which is equally unfavourable

The strike was voted because the pilots find that the company does not wish to negotiate in a professional and constructive atmosphere.

Added to this is the recent announcement by the Irish company: the abolition of 900 posts and the closure of bases in Spain (Girona-Costa Brava, La Palmas-Gran Canaria and Tenerife Sud) and Portugal (Faro).

A strike threatening the whole of Europe

The movement initiated by Irish pilots is now gaining momentum as we are in the middle of the summer, when air travellers are growing.

For example, the British pilots belonging to the Balpa union have just announced that they will not work for two consecutive days: Thursday, August 22 and Friday, August 23, 2019. They want to renew this operation for three consecutive days: Monday, September 2, Tuesday, September 3 and Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

The Portuguese cabin crew of the SNPVAC union also filed an advance notice for a 5-day strike to begin on Wednesday, August 21, 2019.

Spanish pilots belonging to SEPLA have threatened to join this large-scale social movement.

Thus, the strike of the pilots of the Ryanair company could quickly affect the whole of Europe for an indefinite period.


  1. Dessy

    14 Aug. 2019, 04:53

    Pourquoi faire grève et prendre des vacanciers en otage ? Vous vous plaignez de choses que vous avez accepté lorsque vous avez choisi de travailler pour Ryanair. Les salaires n’ont pas baissés, ils étaient déjà bas. Les prestations de maternité et le régime de pensions n’ont pas changées, elles étaient déjà défavorables. Vous avez accepté tous cela en rentrant chez Ryanair et maintenant que vous y êtes, vous voudriez les faire modifier. Il suffisait de ne pas y rentrer

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